• The Shoreland Apartments. Geoff and the management company are fabulous! When their is a problem they take care of it promptly! I have a small dog and she loves it here… Very pet friendly!


    “The views from all rooms are outstanding!”shoreland apartments, west vancouver, west vancouver apartments, hanover properties limited

    - Tenant at the Shoreland Apartments

  • “I am proud to live in one of West Vancouver’s most iconic buildings.”west vancouver luxury apartments, villa maris, west vancouver

    - Tenant at the Villa Maris apartments

    “Outdoor pools and indoor pools are kept in pristine condition. I can walk with my dog on the seawall – the path is only steps away!”VM-rent-in-west-vancouver

    - Tenant at the Villa Maris Apartments

  • “The onsite property managers get back to us promptly, so we are rarely inconvenienced. Gorgeous interior – truly the Pink Palace!”rent-apartments-west-van-VM

    - Tenant at the Villa Maris apartments